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Re: [fab] State of Fedora (a long email)

Rahul Sundaram schrieb:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Quick and dirty braindump:
>> - merge fedora-test into fedora-devel -- people often don't get the
>> difference in any case
> Test updates and test release discussions should be send to 
> fedora-devel? That would result in too much traffic in fedora-devel IMO. 

Well, people post stuff there that should go to "testing" instead. Just
look at the archives -- 50% of the user-initialized threads on
fedora-devel would be more suitable for fedora-test list. Heck it even
happens now and then that different threads on the same topic/problem
get run on both lists by different people.

The solution doesn't have to be to merge the threads. But maybe try
harder to enforce what lands on fedora-devel.

> [...]
>> - rename fedora-maintainers to fedora-contributors or fedora-project --
>> all people with cla_done get permitted, moderated for nearly everybody else.
>> - start using fedora-maintainers-announce (see above)
> These are fine.
>> - delete:
>>  - fedora-config-list -- mostly dead, and people did not understand what
>> its use in any case
>>  - fedora-patches-list -- dead ?
>>  - fedora-tools-list -- mostly dead?
> The last three are already dead. We dont delete mailing lists since we 
> want to keep the archives.

Then disable them and mark them as retired. People post there, sometimes
don't even get replied and get confused by all that.



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