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[fab] Idea:T-Shirts at Fedora Events...

Hey folks,

I wonder if this is a good or bad idea and would appreciate your input.

Typically at events like FUDCON, or regional Linux shows, we hand out many free Fedora T-shirts. Why don't we instead sell the t-shirts at a reasonable price (like $5-10) with all proceeds going to a selected charitable organization like Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, or the FSF?

We could also sell extremely popular, viral meme shirts like this for $10-$15, with proceeds going to these same charities.

I think this is a good idea for two key reasons.
1) People who buy shirts are more likely to wear it, therefore more effective at promoting Fedora than indiscriminately handing out shirts to swag leeches. 2) Red Hat already loses money by giving away t-shirts. We could instead leverage this for a good charitable purpose. This makes Fedora look good as a supporter of greater community causes.

There are of course venues where selling shirts wouldn't work too well, and we would give them away for free there. But at community oriented events, this could work very well.


Any ideas of other major charities that are in-line with the values of the Fedora Project?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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