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Re: [fab] Idea:T-Shirts at Fedora Events...

Tim Burke wrote:
often there are fewer shirts than attendees... or alternatively more forums like LUGs where there are no shirts at all. What about having this t-shirt fee allow for more shirts at more events?

I hadn't thought of using these proceeds in order to recoup costs of shirt production, thus allowing us to have more shirts. Max, what are the shirt production costs?

I think the key to this is to carefully select which venues are appropriate to sell shirts, and where it would be better to give away a limited number of shirts. Like LinuxTag FUDCON or LinuxWorld .org would be totally appropriate to sell shirts. A tiny event with mostly non-converted people (like New England Linux Symposium with ~75 educators) however would be more appropriate to give away shirts.

LUG's are tiny events with a finite number of people. It might be best to give away shirts?

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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