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Re: [fab] State of Fedora (a long email)

On Mon, 2006-11-06 at 22:24 +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> Site note: We should create a rough mailing list guideline for Fedora,
> as it is highly confusing that the lists are configured quite
> differently (reply-to munging , Tags in the Subject the two most [only?]
> important things).

I forgot that we had put this up earlier this year, with some recent
refreshing done:


However, dudes like Patrick and me do not have the power to enforce such

The place to start for the [Subject-line-junk] is actually up at Red Hat
IS.  Someone such as Max needs to open a ticket in the helpdesk system
and ask them to do this:

* On the mailing list request page, specify that the subject is not
going to be full of junk
* When creating new lists, choose to leave the field empty that puts the
junk in

Most lists have the junk in the Subject because it was put there in the
first place.  Why they leave it is a mystery to me.

However, there are people who like that [stuff] in their subject, such
as people who let all email fall into a single Inbox and use visual
filtering (*cough*Greg*cough*).  But I argue that removing the [junk]
does the greatest good for the larger number of people.

As for Reply-to munging.  Well, it's evil stuff, but there are equally
smart people on both sides of that debate.  Even where I am in charge
(f-docs-l), I left the historical munging on because people have come to
expect the behavior on the list.  *sigh*

- Karsten
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