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Re: [fab] build service


Bill Nottingham schrieb:
> Interesting idea (although this does date from last year):
> http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service

my 2 cent on this one: I don't think we should get into similar
business. We know Fedora best and we should only build for Fedora and
related distros.

But some open source projects may soon start to say "the latest package
for Fedora can be found on the opensuse build-serice servers in their
own repo at URL" (see also
http://abock.org/2006/11/10/opensuse-build-service/ ). If users start to
use to much of that stuff they might sooner or later end in the well
known repo-mixing problems. I'd like to avoid that, because people will
complain Fedora and/or yum are broken/bad. Thus I'm more and more
wondering if we we should re-evaluate the "Fedora Alternatives" idea
that got buried. Users of stable releases that want a bit more up2date
stuff could get in there, while users that are a careful stick to the
main distro, and users that like some risks use devel.

But we have some much on our plate currently, thus I don't think it'll
be wise to discuss that now.


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