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Re: [fab] Architecture Policy.

Hi all!

David Woodhouse schrieb:
> [...]
> I think it's important for Fedora to encourage extra architectures and
> not to paint itself into a corner as an x86-only niche distribution.
> The 'ArchPolicy' on the wiki┬╣ looks like a good idea, in principle --
> allowing more to asynchronously track Fedora builds and make releases
> from them as long as all their fixes are in upstream Fedora is a very
> good thing. I'm encouraged by it, in general. [...]

I have to agree with a lot of what dwmw2 said. Further, I read below on
the IRC log of day2:

> 21:06 <      warren> | * (Talking about test composes)
> 21:07 <    mspevack> | example:
> 21:07 <    mspevack> | dist-fc7 tag applies to every package built from the devel branch currently.
> 21:07 <    mspevack> | Test1 freeze is announced.  Date hits, we create fc7-test1 tag (freeze tag)
> 21:07 <    mspevack> | we tag the latest dist-fc7 packages with this freeze tag
> 21:07 <    mspevack> | We create a test repo of all packages tagged "fc7-test1".  QA happens on these packages, or some subset
> 21:08 <    mspevack> | realistically a lot of these packages will never get looked at.
> 21:08 <    mspevack> | Fixes are applied to the devel branch and built.  Resulting specific package builds get tagged with "fc7-test1" at the discretion of the release team
> 21:08 <    mspevack> | at final release, when we announce the freeze, we create the fc-7 branch
> 21:09 <    mspevack> | devel begins to be tagged with the "fedora 8" tag
> 21:11 <    dgilmore> | mspevack: seems sane
> 21:12 <    mspevack> | it's all directly out of Jesse's mouth
> 21:12 <    mspevack> | it all needs to get run by FESCO

That made we wondering: hey, sounds nice. And that makes it possible to
get rid of parts from the "secondary arch" concept again IMHO. If a arch
is ready and tested by the arch maintainers: go ship it together with
x86 and x86_64. If not let the maintainers of arch foo add further fixes
to the fc7 branch of the packages and let them ship their "FCx for arch
foo" when they become ready. They just have to be sure that they apply
their fixes to both FCx and devel in that case. But I'm sure they will ;)

Or am I missing something here?


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