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Re: [fab] Lone Wolves - Web, game, and open source development

Michael Tiemann wrote:
Given all the discussion we recently had on the fedora lists about
where, precisely to draw the line between acceptable and not acceptable
when it comes to 3rd-party drivers and BIOS blobs, it looks like the
conversation is moving toward the center of the Ubunutu community as


Installing proprietary drivers were very much the thing not the thing to do (compared to user space proprietary applications) sometime back. This is somewhat a risky move that might yield short term advantages but the long term implications of a mainstream distribution doing something like this and messages that is convey is not so positive.

I think this makes it even more important for Fedora to stick with the principles and put more focus into Free software than ever but there are good conversations going on in the Fedora summit solving some of the problems like mp3 codecs in a legal way without compromising on that. Interesting times.


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