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Re: [fab] Secondary Arches

Once upon a time Wednesday 15 November 2006 10:15 pm, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 20:51 -0600, Josh Boyer wrote:
> There's crazy shenanigans to get packages from the needsign queue on the
> buildsys master to download.fedora.

Its very crazy but oh well it will be better im sure.

> > And here's another question... where do bugs for secondary arches get
> > reported?  Is the Fedora bugzilla still used?  Or will arches be
> > required create and host their own bugzilla instances?
> Centralized information --  Get the bugs in our bugzilla!  Get the
> source in our SCM!  Key off of build requests in our build
> infrastructure!  Use the same tools to build the release!

This is something ive been wanting to try and do for awhile now  ive just 
never found an easy way to queue my builds based on the upstream builds.  
Without something at upstream saying go build this now.  cvs  is not right i 
could change things  even tag it but not build and id have to work out some 
way to get the right tag to build.  right now i rsync the srpm tree and queue 
all packages in alphabetical order.  so sometimes things get built out of 

> And yes, eventually, host the bits on our servers.  But I just don't see
> how we make that happen in the short (~ 6-ish months) term with all of
> the other infrastructure things that are underway.

in infrastructure we have a huge amount of projects on the go and even more 
now with this. we could start with some simple things though  like having the 
mirror cgi setup to handle sparc, and alpha.  

Has anyone been in touch with the alphacore guys at all?


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