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Re: [fab] Architecture Policy.

I just wanted to follow up with my thoughts on this topic from the meeting. Some of it is colored with my own ideas, and I'm sorry for that. But I wanted to make sure that everyone understood what we were talking about doing here. Feedback is welcome.

The problem that we're trying to solve here is two-fold in my opinion.

1. That the arches with very little market share (ppc, s390, ia64) are part of the build process and they die on a regular basis. We want a way to decouple active development from the smaller arches in a way that still allows them to thrive.

2. Encouraging development for the community that cares about the smaller arches. Let's face it, lots of interesting and smart people spend time on the smaller arches. They are passionate and they care, and their work almost always encourages the whole of the project. And you never know when a big project might come along that uses one of those arches, and you want to be ready when it does.

#1 means that we need to make it possible to have "following" builds for the smaller arches. That's going to require changes on our part, something we want to do. It also means that anyone can contribute a set of build machines for one of those arches. I think that was an important part of making it successful as well.

#2 is more subtle, and I think that we found a few things that make it possible. We're opening up the entire tree which means that you can substantially increase the number of people who can participate from the community all over the tree to fix small arch problems. People who care about ppc can work anywhere, any time. That's what the arch teams are for. Also, if you can build from Fedora sources, you can call it Fedora. We're happy to host the builds as official builds on the download page, even if they show up later than the official release.


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