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Re: [fab] Secondary Arches

Dennis Gilmore (dennis ausil us) said: 
> PPC does not need to be.  right now Extras has 3 open power boxes with 4 cpu's 
> a piece.  there is no reason for PPC not to be built along with x86_64 and 
> i386 on the "internal" buildsys with the hardware we have.  I have a T1000 
> and spot has a T2000 that can be used as sparc builders.  between them its 64 
> threads.  I'm quite happy to ship mine to Phoenix or have it sit where it is 
> and tap into the buildsys.

I think using 'we can get hardware sent somewhere' as a delinator of the
primary arch is a mistake. It should be what there is market (for lack of
a better word) demand for, especially because of...

> if  it does get shipped to Phoenix we really will 
> need to have a vlan for the admin interfaces and move the dracs, etc into it.  
> Sun  saw fit to allow only telnet as the network access mechanism to the ALOM 
> and these boxes can only be powered on through the ALOM.

... things like this. I'm not particularly enamored of making extra
maintenance burden for the admin team for arches that would encompass
less than 1% of Fedora.


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