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Re: Metrics: RFC

Mike McGrath wrote:
Its impossible to get server vs desktop

Runlevel 3 vs. runlevel 5? The installer choice made? You can make some good guesses, and that's good enough. We're not looking for something that's perfect. This is a probabilistic system, not a deterministic one.

o Number of people who install, use, then never use again
o Total number of people who use on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
o What hardware people are using in the field.

I think we'd all love to see a hardware profiler, its been on the
infrastructure schedule since before I joined the team.  The problem
is actually getting enough traction to get it developed and deployed.
Is this something we could have ready for FC7 or should we come up
with something very basic first and then release something more
advanced for FC8?

I think we should start now and if it makes FC7, that's great. If it doesn't, that's OK too. But I would love something that worked in FC6 that people can just install and use. Maybe push as an update or something. Get people testing early and often.


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