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Where is the position of FESCo/its successor now/during/after the merge


it seems people are not completely sure (¹) where the exact position and
role of FESCo and its successor is now, during and after the merge with
Core that was roughly outlined on the summit (and not yet official, but
let's leave that fact out of here for now). Thus it might be a good idea
to discuss this topic here to make sure we are all talking about the
same stuff when we talk about FESCo and it's position in the future --
there is afaics no need to go to much into the details, just the rough
direction should be enough for now afaics (I'll send out a more detailed
proposal how I imagine the FESCo future after this discussion is over).

I understood it like this until now:

- Core Packages move over to Extras
- Extras is renamed to something more generic -- let's name it "Fedora
Package Collection (FPC)" here for now
- FESCo will govern over all the packages and the rules around them;
will likely get a new name, too; maybe new members
- no Core, thus no Core cabal then; some/all people from it maybe get
integrated into FESCo
- the things that the Core cabal did and does (release process, bring
the tree in shape for release, plan feature to work on or the next
release, ...) somehow need to be done by FESCo then; probably by
sub-committees/groups (or something like that) that report to FESCo
- problematic topics can be moved to the Fedora Board for further
discussion/guidance (no, don't go into discussing details about this
just yet -- but we need that path probably)

@Fedora Board: Is the above roughly correct?


(¹) -- Quoting f13 from todays fesco meeting: "Well I'm just not seeing
anything clear about what the new FESCo will be responsible for, and
without knowing that, how can we possible determine who should be in it
or out of it or reporting to it or...."

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