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Re: Metrics: RFC

On 22 Nov 2006 11:12:26 -0600, Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs math uh edu> wrote:
>>>>> "CB" == Christopher Blizzard <blizzard redhat com> writes:
I and I'm sure a good portion of Fedora users would happily install
a package that periodically sent various bits of info related to what
hardware is in the system, what packages are installed, what kernel is
currently running, etc.  Such information could be immensely useful to
community packagers as a validation that their packages are actually
being used somewhere.

For those not following the Fedora-Users thread it seems like a lot of
the people kind of just 'don't care' or would at least participate.
The thing is the ones that don't want to participate or have
moral/ethical objections to it are very vocal, and rightfully so
really.  As Ralf said in the thread we need to be extremely careful
with this.

Most of the users have so far seemed to prefer opt-in to opt-out.

Whatever we do needs to be explicitly defined, probably in the release
notes but also wherever the opt-in/out sction is.  Those that are
concerned with privacy in any way will have plenty of notice ahead of
time to simply not participate.


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