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Re: FESCo future

On Monday 27 November 2006 08:52, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

> > So did you mean we should have *exactly* 50% each Red Hat and non-Red
> > Hat seats, as opposed to "at least 50% [non-Red Hat] community members"?
> No, if we run into 50% each Red Hat and non-Red Hat seats -- fine. If we
> have 55% non-Red Hat seats vs 45% from Red Hat -- fine for me, too. All
> I want to prevent is 45% non-Red Hat seats vs 55% from Red Hat ;)
> But I can also accept hardcoding 50% for both sides if people want that.
> A uneven number of seats, too, if people prefer that.
I have to say i'm very against the no more than 50% Red Hat employees 
guideline.  We are all the Fedora Community.  Whoever steps and and gets 
voted in by the community should do the job.  if the community votes against 
someone because of their employment  so be it.   no seats should be 
automatically filled by RH people.   All seats should be 100% community voted 
upon.  If  in the event any person does not do their job of  is not meeting 
the needs of the community then the board or the rest of the committee needs 
to censure them.   along with some guidelines  that if it continues you will 
be replaced.  So if a Red Hat employee is being a continual problem  and is 
taking a Red Hat needs this so we must do it approach they get censured by 
the committee, the board,  their manager.  I sure would not want a meeting 
with my manager if i were a Red Hat employee if i was kicked off or about to 
be Kicked off the steering committee.  

The Community CAN NOT be defined by Red Hat / Non Red Hat employment.  for one 
thing people will swing both ways.  for example Sopwith is no longer a Red 
Hat Employee   but is still part of the community.  Other community member 
have gone the other way.  There  are no sides.  there is just one big pool of 

I will not accept any mandated percentage of people.  it is a very good way to 
split the community.

 ,-._|\    Dennis Gilmore, RHCE
/      \   Proud Australian
\_.--._/   | Aurora | Fedora |

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