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Re: Where is the position of FESCo/its successor now/during/after the merge

Thorsten Leemhuis (fedora leemhuis info) said: 
> I understood it like this until now:
> - Core Packages move over to Extras

To the current Extras infrastructure, yes. I'm not sure if 'moved to
Extras' is the right phrasing, given the below. (For example, the 
/pub/linux/extras dir will eventually become read-only, etc.)

> - Extras is renamed to something more generic -- let's name it "Fedora
> Package Collection (FPC)" here for now

Probably not that. :)

> - FESCo will govern over all the packages and the rules around them;
> will likely get a new name, too; maybe new members


> - no Core, thus no Core cabal then; some/all people from it maybe get
> integrated into FESCo

There will almost certianly be a release team that will include some,
if not all, of the same members. This could be responsible to FESCo,
but I don't think all things (freeze schedules, package manifests, etc.)
need to be pushed up to F*Sco directly. Of course, that's mostly
what you said.

For example, if we produce a Desktop spin, there would be a Desktop
SIG more or less responsible for deciding what apps go in it, what's
default, etc. Similarly for a Server spin. And there would be a release
team responsible for them, consisting of (but not limited to) testing,
rel-eng, etc.


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