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Re: FESCo future

Thorsten Leemhuis (fedora leemhuis info) said: 
>  * the Chair has veto rights -- that means the particular decision or
> topic is transfered to the Fedora Project Board for further guidance and
> considerations
>  * two seats are special for a representative from the Community
> Committee and a representative from Red Hat (see below for backgrounds
> of these groups); both have veto rights, too; this positions are not
> bound to special persons; it would be good if always the same persons
> from the committee's shows up, but if they are not able to they can send
> someone else from the committee as stand-in.

Mm, this sets things up for all sorts of fun fights.

>  * at least 50% of the seats need to be filled by community members.


>  * have at least one fourth of their members from the community/from Red
> Hat (exception: Red Hat/Community committees)

How does mandated minimums lead to a meritocracy-style structure? (if you
really want to use a loaded term, you could say 'quotas' here)


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