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Re: [fab] fedora board agenda for today

Max Spevack wrote:
So this list has been very slow lately -- everyone has had their head down in FC6 work, myself included. And a lot of good work is being done. I run rawhide on my laptop, and by and large I think it's very good.

But I hope to pick things up a bit today in terms of this list, as we have a Fedora Board meeting.

Among the topics that I'd like to discuss:

1) Are we finally done with the list of "official" Projects and Incubators/SIGs? Once so, I also think we need to look at which ones do a good job of being accountable and transparent, and which do not. And work to improve.

Yes. This is done.


Core as a project is in a pretty weak state compared to others though. There is no weekly meetings or steering committee's for example.

2) I'd like to talk with the Board about the status of LiveCD, where we are blocking, where we are in good shape, etc.

3) FC6 status, and some concerns that I have about bug fixes.

FC6 test 3 appear broken in several ways. Installer and Xorg related breakages seem rather high in the reports.

4) Upcoming events, focusing particularly on development and engineering. Would like to make sure I have the Board's buy-in.

5) Quick updates/discussion on different projects. Docs, Extras, Legacy, etc.

We still need a definite answer from the content services team on RHEL docs relicensing.

Any other topics that the Board or f-a-b would like to present.

NTFS and other FE legal blockers progress.

Dial in info has been sent to the FPB members privately.



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