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Re: RFC: Release team meetings

Jesse Keating (jkeating redhat com) said: 
> > Time: TBD, pending approval of required attendees
> My Monday's look very clear, and Monday is a good day to figure out where we 
> are and what needs to be done for the week.  Any objections to a reasonable 
> time on Monday, say 1700 UTC (1pm Eastern Time) in #fedora-meeting ?

Not sure everyone who may need to be there is on this list. CC'ing some
more people.

Background: we'd like to start having weekly meetings to discuss the
state of the release, potential slips, etc.

More information is at:


As leaders/prominent members of the projects mentioned in the initial draft, we'd
like to know your availability (or a delegate's availability) for the meeting.

Jesse has suggested Mondays, 1700 UTC (1PM Eastern). Is this suitable?


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