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Re: [Bug 226377] Merge Review: rpm

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
What I have suggested to Robert in the past was quite simple: If he has a package, and if it can merit inclusion into Fedora on its TECHNICAL MERITS alone, then why would I do anything to stop it?

If using the packages does harm and/or confuses users it might be better
for everyone to not ship it in our default repository, as both things
will lead to a bad user experience, which is IMHO not what we want.

To give an example outside of the current rpm problem: We had a package
review where someone wanted to get Sax2 (Suse's configuration tool for
X11) into Fedora. There the questions was raised if it makes sense to
ship it in Fedora, as the configurations files it writes might not have
been as good as those from s-c-d. There were also concerns that the sax2
config files might break other fedora tools or packages that rely on the
format written by s-c-d.

That problem never got solved properly, as the submitter stopped his
efforts when above concerns were raised.

That is Max's point exactly. The review was halted on technical merit. If it ever did meet the technical requirements of matching the format of s-c-d, it might have gone through. Thankfully that's pretty moot now that the X guys are making things JustWork(tm).

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