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Re: Respin (revisited)

On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 14:34 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> > Isn't the electronics lab spin concept hostable under this definition?
> > And if so, isn't it just scratching the surface in terms of niche
> > productivity spins?
> >   
> Thats true. So lets use the electronics lab as a concept spin.  Answer 
> the questions from the first mail about it:
> What are they asking us to do?
> Is this a bootable CD/DVD?
> A live cd?
> Is this the RPMS and boot images?
> Could it be all of the above?

It's a live image.  Could conceivably be the others, but that's not the
way the "market" is being targeted.

> How does the user keep this re-spin up to date?

Just as with the Fedora Desktop, KDE, etc -- after they've installed,
they grab updates from the -updates repo.

> Is what we are storing just a diff of what they've changed?

No, we have to host the full live image.  There's not a good way to host
just diffs of live images. 

> When do we stop hosting something, does it have the same release cycle 
> as the rest of Fedora?

I suspect the answer to this is yes as they're using our updates, etc.


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