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Re: [Bug 226377] Merge Review: rpm

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:

<cutting everything>

From a purely technical perspective, I think it boils down to the

1. Does rpm5 use the same database as Fedora's rpm?
  If so, it MUST NOT EVER cause any database operation changes that
  would in any way affect Fedora's rpm functionality.
  If not, rpm5 must not install system packages into /, only into
  chroots. Having two, disconnected databases here is not acceptable
  for the same set of system files.

2. Does rpm5 conflict in any way with Fedora's rpm, either implicitly
  or explicitly? If so, it is not acceptable.

My understanding is that rpm5 uses the same database, and is not fully
db compatible with Fedora's rpm. If that is correct, then we can stop
flaming each other, and simply say no to rpm5.

Unless configured otherwise (and probably patched for a few hardcoded spots, dunno), it uses the same rpmdb. The exact format of rpmdb is not a standard set in stone but an version and implementation specific detail, the two trees have different features, some of which are visible in the db even now. Both ways 100% compatibility cannot be guaranteed, especially over time and different versions.

Sharing the rpm database between two wildly different versions is out of the question.

	- Panu -

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