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Re: Live Fedora start page proposal

Donald Fischer wrote:

 * Fedora-tuned search features.  For example, we can make it easy to
search for Creative Commons licensed content, a feature that should be
especially interesting and relevant to Fedora users.

Is this a commercial deal with Creative Commons or just something we are doing because our interests are aligned to the extend it is?

 * Opportunity for ad-subsidized sponsorships.  Fedora's large user
audience is potentially valuable to web search providers whose
business is to display contextual text ads next to search results.

Are you thinking of putting ads in the home page itself or just the usual ads on search results that we aren't directly involved with?

We put together a working prototype in order to make the discussion
concrete, which you can try out here:


That design and functionality there is definitely not set in stone,
but gets the basic idea across and would be a serviceable starting
point for user testing.

The Fedora 7 link should be fedoraproject.org instead of fedora.redhat.com FYI


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