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Re: [Fwd: Fedora & openSUSE meeting / cooperation ?]

/me wonders if this crossposting will work -- some mail will probably
hit only one list, some only the other, as both are moderated iirc :-(


Chitlesh GOORAH schrieb:
> Well I'm forwarding this mail to this mailing list, in search for
> concrete opinions about cooperation between fedora and opensuse from
> the Fedora Engineering Team or Fedora Ambassadors.

Find my 2 cent below.

> Suggestions are welcome, however flame wars aren't :)

Well, you wanted to hear opinions, so you get some. ;-)

> I've already accepted at least the meeting :)

Good idea in general, but I'd say you first should make sure that at
least Max or Spot (or some other people from the Board or FESCo) are
there -- that's only fair to Adrian.

> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Adrian Schröter <hidden>
> To: Chitlesh GOORAH <hidden>
> Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 10:03:46 +0100
> Subject: Fedora & openSUSE meeting / cooperation ?
> [...]
> I do see fields like a common customer hardware database

As I wrote on fedora-devel (without getting an real answer from the LHCP
guys): I think that such a task really needs to be cross-distribution,
so I like the idea to cooperate, but I think we should try to get more
Distributions (Ubuntu, Gentoo, ...) into the boat.

> or our openSUSE build
> service, which does support Fedora builds 

Well, I don't like the idea to much -- it's might be cute for some ideas
like setting up a "let's create a KDE4beta-repo for FC6" (which is not
that hard to do with mock and some webspace), but I think the concept
leads to a "set up a lot of different repos for different things" --
that IMHO might quickly result in a lot of inter-repo-incompatibilities,
and that what I'd would like to avoid.

And I don't see any advantages for us using it (but maybe I missed

> [...]


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