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Re: [Fwd: Fedora & openSUSE meeting / cooperation ?]

Luis Villa wrote:
We're trying to make it pretty easy.  We have a bunch of tools that lets
you build an rpm locally, a "local build service" if you want to play
rhetorical games.  How we allow third parties be able to distribute and
let other people know that they have compatible software is a different
issue.  That's the kind of thing that I've been pushing us towards as
well.  The pieces that Jesse and others are working on are the
beginnings of that.

Ah, I may be missing information on what jesse and others are doing- pointers?

Lots of tools that already exist - mock, plague, next pungi, which will let you compose your own distribution. Not the same goal as the build service (upload once, build for everyone) but can handle a lot of that. i.e. it contains configs all the way back to Red Hat 7.3, iirc. Wouldn't be too hard to point those at suse configs or whatever. Debian/Ubuntu is harder, of course, but probably not impossible.

Also, thomasvs might have a bunch of tools for this. I think that he's revived mach (as opposed to mock.)

I would love to talk with you about this at some point; I'm currently
drafting a blog post which basically says that not working with
mozilla was GNOME's biggest mistake of the post-2.0 era. (A mistake
that I played a significant role in, I might add :/

Yeah, that's an entirely different discussion - one that I come down on both sides of from time to time. i.e. Havoc thinks we should have done a GNOME browser and worked with the Firefox folks to call it Firefox. They didn't want to do that, so we ended up with a pretty poorly integrated browser experience on Linux.

But I don't think that's what you're talking about. I want to replicate parts of that model for GNOME and Fedora, but not integration with firefox so much as learning how they distribute and promote the software they have.


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