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Re: [Fwd: Fedora & openSUSE meeting / cooperation ?]

Christopher Blizzard schrieb:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> [...]
>> So IMHO the the distributor has to make sure people get what they want.
>> My preferred solution for now would be two have different update
>> channels: One that gets only "Security fixes and crucial bug fixes" (so
>> more careful then Fedora Core currently), one that gets new versions of
>> most package (rolling release, similar like Extras was, so a bit more
>> bold then Fedora Core currently), while the crucial new stuff (new
>> python for example) gets developed in the devel repository.
> You've just described the RHEL/Fedora split quite effectively.

Hmmm, I tend to disagree a bit -- the difference between a more
carefully maintained Fedora and RHEL is that you have to wait 18 - 24
months to get new stuff with a new RHEL. That's fine and great for
Enterprise, it's to slow for most home users afaics.

So I think all the following use-cases would find users, and the mix
should make everyone happy:

- RHEL/CentOS -> seven years of support, only important updates, new
stuff if you want round about all 18 months
- Fedora, stable updates channel -> only important updates, get new
stuff once a year (if you skip a release) or all six months (if you want)
- Fedora, bold updates channel -> get most new stuff all the time, test
stuff out before it hits the stable updates channel while getting the
really new stuff all six months
- Fedora, development -> get new stuff constantly


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