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Re: [Fwd: Fedora & openSUSE meeting / cooperation ?]

Luis Villa wrote:

To be perfectly honest, I don't think Red Hat/Fedora will ever earn
enough trust to be that base, or at least, will never unless it works
to actively piss off Red Hat and comes out the other side relatively
unscathed. And I *like* Red Hat- like you I wouldn't work for them

We'll see. We do have a commercial interest in Fedora, and it spills out from time to time. (*cough* Xen *cough*) But it also means we get a lot of engineers looking at interesting problems.

I think that we've made a lot of progress with building a community that cares and is involved on a day to day basis with the success of the project, and that happened entirely outside of Red Hat. I look at things like FESCO and the explosion of Extras and I feel hope for the future.

And even if we don't end up being that base, setting up the tools will at least vastly improve our user and developer experience and productively that it's worth it to do it just for that reason. But it's still not my primary reason for wanting to do it.

Right.  But doesn't that seem to you like it's wedging into a system
that's fundamentally broken for your use case?

It is *very* broken, but not *fundamentally* broken, otherwise we
wouldn't have been able to do it. Would solving it another, less
broken way be better? Absolutely.

Point taken. But very broken is often not enough reason for someone to move it seems. When do you get to the point of diminishing returns?

But Ximian was the proof that it could be done the horrible, broken
way; opensuse is trying to resurrect that (and I think has a
reasonable chance of doing it), and as of yet no one has actually
proven that it can be meaningfully done in the non-horrible, beautiful
way. Until then, working code (no matter how ugly and godawful) tends
to trumps pipe dreams.

I wish them luck!


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