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Re: kqemu is now GPLv2

On Tue, 6 Feb 2007 15:35:28 -0500
Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:

> All the more reason to not do external kmods as a part of "Fedora".  
> If "Fedora" cares enough about a module that we want to ship it and make it 
> officially available to our users, it needs to be in the kernel package, and 
> DaveJ needs to approve that.  Otherwise they should NOT go into Fedora _at_ 
> _all_ as we can't reasonable deliver timely updates without breaking the 
> repository.

Maybe we should just follow a different approach for kmods then? Why not do
something like a module manager (I heard some other distros have that ;) )?
With it people could easily build their modules themselves but have them
integrated via rpm so their filesystems don't go into nirvana after a couple of
system upgrades. If you make it easy (and graphical) enough I suspect that
people would be ok with it for external module stuff. That would solve the
problems of repo inconsistency but still give users what they want...

- Andreas
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