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Re: [Fwd: Fedora & openSUSE meeting / cooperation ?]

On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 15:49 -0600, Mike McGrath wrote:
> On 2/8/07, Warren Togami <wtogami redhat com> wrote:
> > Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> > >
> > > Now that everyone gave their opinions, what are the items you (FAB)
> > > want to bring forward?
> > > - marketing ?
> > > - better compatibilities [src.rpm,...]?
> > > - KDE ?
> >
> > I don't seem to be overly negative, but what is a concrete example of a
> > possible way to cooperate in a meaningful way?
> >
> "Nasa spent over a million dollars developing a pen that would write
> in space.  The soviets solved the same problem... by using a pencil"
> Probably not true but the message is valid.  They're doing very
> similar things that we are and we both could have lots to learn from
> eachother if communications are there.  Pride seems to be the biggest
> wall between us.

The folks working on suse's rpm at the lsb packaging meeting were very
cool and worth talking to. We had similar problems and, if nothing else,
commiserated well and laughed about user requests. Ditto with the Ubuntu
people there.

more importantly, we're not negotiating over nuclear weapons, here. It's
just to talk about whatever and maybe to meet some people. If we go and
absolutely nothing beneficial happens we are out absolutely nothing
beside a little bit of time.


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