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Re: smolt privacy policy

On Mon, 2007-02-19 at 12:08 -0600, Mike McGrath wrote:
> I've created a first draft of the smolt Privacy Policy.  Please note: It 
> is not a legal document, it's the Infrastructures policy of how we'll be 
> protecting the information.
> http://hg.fedoraproject.org/hg/hosted/smolt?f=d7efe18be592;file=doc/PrivacyPolicy
> It is also my intention to add package lists in the very near future.  I 
> believe this policy covers that.  Please let me know what you think not 
> just in terms of content but also wording, formatting, etc.

Since it's short, I'll paste it here:

> Smolt's intention is to send only hardware and basic OS information to the 

"intention" is to open.  Should be a definitive statement that smolt
_only_ sends hardware and OS information.

> Fedora smolt server (smoon).  The only tie from the database to a submitters 
> machine is the UUID.  As long as the submitter does not give out this UUID 
> the submission should be considered anonymous.  If at any point in time a user 

s/should be considered/is.  Again, make it definitive.

> wants to delete their profile from the database they need only run 
>    smoltDeleteProfile 
> The information sent to the smolt database server should be considered public 
> in that anyone can come in and view the statistics and share machine 

remove the "come in" part.

> profiles.  In many ways smolt is designed to get hardware vendors and other 
> 3rd parties attention.  As such, not only will this information be shared with 
> 3rd parties, we will be using smolt as a lever to gain better support for open 

"we will be using smolt as leverage..."

> source drivers and better support in general. 
> IP Logging.  In Fedora's smolt install all web traffic goes through a proxy 
> server first.  This is the only place IP addresses are being logged and they 
> are kept on that server for a period of 4 weeks at which time log rotation 
> removes these logs.  The Fedora Project does not aggrigate ip addresses in 

aggregate IP

> the smolt database.  These logs are private and will not be available to the 
> general public. 
> Users unhappy with this policy should simply not use smolt.  Users with 
> questions about this policy should contact the Fedora Infrastructure Team at 
> admin [at] fedoraproject.org  Also remember that users can delete their 
> profiles at any time using "smoltDeleteProfile" 


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