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Re: Dell + Linux

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 21 February 2007 10:09, Mike McGrath wrote:
What if we helpped Dell create an OSS gnome and KDE theme and got it
into Extras?

Is Dell willing to let their graphics be released under an OSS license, for anybody to apply them to any non-dell machine? I'm thinking... no.

Seriously, we really really really need a second set of trademarks/logos that would be usable by folks like Dell to be able to do 'Fedora' preinstalls with some of their customization. They could call it Dell Linux Based on Fedora or whatever. Just some way for them to legally use the term Fedora and still accomplish the minimal customization that almost any vendor would want (and sometimes need).
What would that take? Seriously I'll do it, we can't flounder when an opportunity like this comes up, pre-install is HUGE.


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