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Re: CLA requirements

On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 02:14 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> You miss the point completely. In short we dont expect ambassadors to be 
> highly technical people. Making all of them sign the CLA is currently a 
> high barrier to entry.  

There is no big technical difficulty in signing the CLA.  It is not that
high of a barrier.

When people balk at accomplishing a minor technical task to gain entry,
it makes me wonder.  I personally consider that being able to obtain and
use a GPG key *should* be a requirement for anyone representing Fedora.
If they are stopped from participating by that ... well, disappointing,
but, oh, well.  Anyway, that's just MHO and does not represent the
direction I am backing for Fedora.

I've conceded that the idea of using a click-through CLA for the Wiki
should be OK, but not because I think we should require less from all
Fedora contributors.  For me, it's a follow-on from allowing the Wiki in
the first place.  It is not a deliberate attempt to get contributions
from people who are unable to figure out a simple set of instructions.
It is instead a deliberate attempt to gain contributions from people who
are able to follow the instructions, but refuse to do so for various
reasons.  Because there are enough of them and their potential
contributions are valuable enough, we are willing to work toward a

IMO and AIUI, the question of, "To CLA or not to CLA?" is not really a
question.  The only valid question is, "How to CLA?"

> If only a dozen of them are contributing 
> content, we should probably not be making all of them sign the CLA. As 
> simple as that.

This logic does not follow.  As I explain in a separate post, everything
the Ambassadors do is a contribution.  The question is not if someone
needs a CLA with Fedora to contribute, but how they go about agreeing
to/signing the CLA.

- Karsten
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