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Re: CLA requirements

On Saturday 24 February 2007 13:50, Karsten Wade wrote:
> I've conceded that the idea of using a click-through CLA for the Wiki
> should be OK, but not because I think we should require less from all
> Fedora contributors.  For me, it's a follow-on from allowing the Wiki in
> the first place.  It is not a deliberate attempt to get contributions
> from people who are unable to figure out a simple set of instructions.
> It is instead a deliberate attempt to gain contributions from people who
> are able to follow the instructions, but refuse to do so for various
> reasons.  Because there are enough of them and their potential
> contributions are valuable enough, we are willing to work toward a
> middle-ground.
> IMO and AIUI, the question of, "To CLA or not to CLA?" is not really a
> question.  The only valid question is, "How to CLA?"

I agree.  My only problem with the CLA is that it takes a lot of hoops to get 
from 'I want to change this item in the wiki which I know more about' to 'I 
now have my verified Fedora account, CLA has been signed and mailed back 
correctly, I've now got a Wiki account, and I've gotten somebody to verify my 
Fedora account has CLA done and has added me to the EditGroup'.  We lose most 
people around 'what is a Fedora account?' step, or somewhere else along the 
way when something doesn't just work perfectly (like gpg key doesn't match 
email used, or CLA isn't getting verified correctly, or nobody is around to 
add to EditGroup, or....)

We REALLY need to make it easier, while protecting ourselves still with the 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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