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Re: CLA requirements

On 2/24/07, Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:
I agree.  My only problem with the CLA is that it takes a lot of hoops to get
from 'I want to change this item in the wiki which I know more about' to 'I
now have my verified Fedora account, CLA has been signed and mailed back
correctly, I've now got a Wiki account, and I've gotten somebody to verify my
Fedora account has CLA done and has added me to the EditGroup'.  We lose most
people around 'what is a Fedora account?' step, or somewhere else along the
way when something doesn't just work perfectly (like gpg key doesn't match
email used, or CLA isn't getting verified correctly, or nobody is around to
add to EditGroup, or....)

We REALLY need to make it easier, while protecting ourselves still with the

I thought I was doing a reasonably good job adding people to EditGroup. :)

Seriously, I don't really care how they sign CLA as long as they sign CLA.
Thomas Chung

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