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Re: Good riddance, ESR

I don't think that responding to ESR is the right way to go.  It just
legitimizes the tactics, even considering how _far_ off base he was in
most of his claims.

But I do like the idea of doing a bit of work around summarizing the
huge changes that we've made since FC5 and FC6 and what F7 will mean to
the community and what we have in the pipeline.  Both in terms of
community development and participation but also pushing the platform
and technology forward.  We're doing great work.  (And when I say We I
don't mean the people at Red Hat, who are doing great work, but I mostly
mean everyone outside who is totally rocking at building a great free
software distribution.)

What I find truly strange in the light of his departure is that I've
never felt more bullish about our future.  ESR's departure comes at a
strange time because we're at the cusp of something great.  And I think
we need to talk about that.


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