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Re: Good riddance, ESR

On Sunday 25 February 2007, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> I don't think that responding to ESR is the right way to go.  It just
> legitimizes the tactics, even considering how _far_ off base he was in
> most of his claims.
> But I do like the idea of doing a bit of work around summarizing the
> huge changes that we've made since FC5 and FC6 and what F7 will mean to
> the community and what we have in the pipeline.  Both in terms of
> community development and participation but also pushing the platform
> and technology forward.  We're doing great work.  (And when I say We I
> don't mean the people at Red Hat, who are doing great work, but I mostly
> mean everyone outside who is totally rocking at building a great free
> software distribution.)
> What I find truly strange in the light of his departure is that I've
> never felt more bullish about our future.  ESR's departure comes at a
> strange time because we're at the cusp of something great.  And I think
> we need to talk about that.

Sensible.  I know that F7 is still a short time away, but perhaps we can start 
now to prepare a truly powerful message.  My current thinking is that we 
should solicit questions from our end-users pertaining to both the Fedora 
Project's current status and the F7 release, perhaps from fedora-list, and 
compile a list of high-quality answers.  This idea is inspired by Max's 
Slashdot interview.  I think we should then publish that document about a 
week before the final release - almost as a bit of a teaser.  It could also 
be included in our release summary or other release documentation on the 
wiki.  I'm sure there will be a large number of questions that arise from the 
changes since FC6, especially with the Core+Extras merger and new spins.  
Does anyone here think they could gather such questions?

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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