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fedora board meeting today

Today's Fedora Board meeting will be at 5:00 PM Eastern/9:00 PM GMT.

We have basically one topic today, which is Fedora Documentation. Karsten Wade, who is the Docs project leader, will be joining us.

#fedora-board for a running summary of our phone call. Thanks as always to mdomsch's bot for providing us with the logs.

Agenda below:

On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Paul W. Frields wrote:

Here's a possible agenda for the initial Docs segment of the Board meeting today at 5pm Eastern. Karsten Wade, FDSCo chair, will be attending the telephone conference call and hopefully will also check in at #fedora-board on IRC concomitantly. Please make sure Karsten is CC'd on any other messages in this thread as appropriate.

We've had a thread going for a few days gathering some of these issues on fedora-docs-list. I would expect Karsten will take the lead especially on item 3 below, since he has more knowledge of who is responsible for the issues in question. Karsten, you may not be able to reply to this thread given the way the ML works, but I'll forward any of your email responses to this list.

1.  Wrap-up of last 6-12 months of advances for those who don't know
   anything about Docs, seeing as how it is a little less obvious/sexy
   than things like metadata parsers, stats tracking, and .gnu-hash.
   ;-)  I don't want to belabor this section so it will be a quick 2

2.  Future plans, mainly a discussion of some other Fedora initiatives
   that are going to impact the Docs Project and how we intend to deal
   with them, as well as some plans of our own (wiki click-thru, new
   FLOSS community outreach efforts).  This may take 5-10 minutes.

3.  What agenda would be complete without the gripe session?  OK, not so
   much gripes as some shortfalls that are really causing us pain and
   costing us contributor follow-through and community goodwill.

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