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move mailinglists to a new server (for example something like lists.fedoraproject.org)


during the "mailing list reorganization" discussion on fedora-devel the
idea came up again (¹) to move the fedora lists (²) off from redhat.com
to a separate machine that's under our control. E.g. something like
lists.fedoraproject.org, as that would make it obvious
- that it's a list you are posting to
- that it's "Fedora"

The sub-thread about it starts here:

skvidal and mether already indicated on the list that they would like
such a move. mmcgrath and his recruits are currently evaluating  a
little bit if such a move is possible and how much work it would make
(site note: three well known extras contributors already volunteered to
help with that effort). Before we invest more time in that idea I'd like
to ask on this list:

would such a move be fine for everybody (especially those from the
board)? If not please yell now! tia ;-)

@wwoods: what do we do with fedora-qa(-list)? How urgent do you need it?



The move would be slowly -- details would need to be worked out.

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