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mailing list reorganization


on fedora-maintainers there are some discussion to reshuffle the mailing
lists a bit. See the archives or your inbox for details.

We have considered a reorganization for some of the mailing list mess
months ago already; I drove the task back then but put it on hold -- mainly

* because F7 and the merge seemed to be way more important in the pasts
months (I think that was the best for all of us).

* I got told we would get hardware for a mailman host by mid April

Well, F7 is out now and with the discussions heating up again now I'd
like to get some questions answered by the board so we all know how to
move on with it.

* do we still want to set up out own mailman and a mailserver for it? Is
that okay for legal?

* how important is it for the Board? According to
its likely "a very low priority to the infrastructure team"; if we want
to have a own list server we would likely need to make it a higher
priority for some time

Further: What I'd like to see is this:

* we set up a mailman and everything else needed as lists.fedoraproject.org

* we create the fedora-devel-announce there as first list

* if everything works we work further through the reorganizations bits
(proposal from the last discussion can be found at
-- *warning*, wasn't touched much in the past months and likely needs
some adjustments, so don't take a close look); we only move over some of
the lists at a time to check if everything working

* if everything works we move the rest of the fedora lists over

Does that sound like a plan?

The alternate plan would be: simply discuss the mailing list
reorganization again and realize it on the current mailman instance.



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