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Re: governance, fesco, board, etc.

Max Spevack wrote:

+ Comes up with the high level goals for Fedora (like merging core/extras, live cd, an external build system and compose tools, custom spins). Talking about these things in public, saying with an "authoritative" voice "this is what is most important for Fedora" at least sets up the possibility for innovation in those areas to happen.

"high level goals is a very broad term", so it may well cover what I'm thinking... Most of this discussion and detail is about the mechanics of putting out a release. I think another major objective of the board is less about release production and more about community. Such as broading adoption, making things approachable for growing communities. I know you guys do spend a lot of time on that, so I think its useful to have some mention in the charter responsibilities of the board that there a lot of outreach involved.
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