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Re: LWN headline: Blame Fedora = High Praise

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

Well, let's see...  Because my hacking into the FSF web site wouldn't
be a nice thing to do?

Is it really so hard to understand that I'm affiliated with FSFLA, a
different, independent organization, and that we have no control
whatsoever over what the FSF publishes, be it on its own web site, be
it on the site of the GNU project?

That part is indeed hard to understand. If a organization very closely affiliated to FSF can't convince it on what it believes to be a good thing then what are the chances of it convincing others of it's message? If you can't talk to each other don't bother talking to other people about it. As simple as that.

In other words, are *we* going to actively pursue the goal of removing
the non-Free Software that's currently in the distro, or are *you*
going to keep on adding non-Free Software to it?

Look, I am on *your side* but you are not helping your goals from this discussion. I am waiting on FSF to respond to my questions which includes firmware. When I get back some answers we can discuss what exactly we need to do. I am not going to advocate any changes at all till I understand the details completely.

How honest is it to claim that this is the primary goal, then?

It is pretty honest. You got to stop discussing this now and come up with a solid plan post Fedora 7 release so that we could do something about how we are dealing with firmware outside the kernel and you could help in that effort. Making firmware packages a choice during installation letting them know of the exceptions is certainly possible for the regular non live image spin and we could even create a live cd spin without that firmware if you want to take ownership of that. The tools are available in the repository.

While at the same time actively taking steps away from that goal, no
less :-/

Things happen that way at times. Progress is not linear.


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