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[Fwd: Creative Commons wants your feedback and support]


In case, someone wants to work with them more on this.

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Hello Blogger,

I'm the CEO of Creative Commons, and I'm writing first to thank you, and second to ask two favors.

First, the thanks:

Our bots report that you're using a Creative Commons license on your blog. (Though we found your email address the old fashioned way -- by coming to your site and looking!) Thank you for that. Bloggers have been the most important community in spreading the idea and ethic of CC licenses. They remain a core community for us. By allowing our licenses to express the freedoms you believe your work should carry, you have helped us enormously in our effort to build a movement that will make expressing freedom as easy as it is now to express control. Thank you for that -- again.

Now for the favors:

First, we have just launched a campaign to gather feedback from those who use our licenses about how we might do our job better. I would be grateful if you could take a couple minutes to complete the survey below. Based on the replies, we hope to make the CC infrastructure better tuned for your work. You can get the survey at the link below, but please don't blog the link, as we'd like to keep the input narrowed to bloggers.


Second, we have also just launched a widget campaign to help us in our annual funding drive. We'd be really grateful if you could spare some space to host one of our widgets. You can find the widget here:


Thank you again for using our licenses. And please let me know if there are other questions we can answer.

Lawrence Lessig
Creative Commons

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