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Re: 3 development process improvements

Max Spevack wrote:
It is very rare that Fedora developers actually talk to each other on the phone (as opposed to IRC), but jkeating, mmcgrath, and I were just having a quick chat.

Three general points that I jotted down for further email discussion:

(1) pick a release name sooner in the cycle so that artwork, marketing materials, and web content can be finished sooner.

I've mentioned this before for to a few people.  Completely agree here.

(3) more dedicated feature QA/smoke-testing. Ask feature owners, as we get to the pre-release time, to do a fresh install and sanity check their feature to make sure it looks and operates the way it should.

I really wish that we had more of a dedicated/organized QA effort for Fedora. Smoketesting is a great first step. I really hope that we can make some headway with this, because it was a very successful way to draw in contributors to Mozilla back in the day (and still is).

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