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Re: FUDCon Proposal

On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 01:10:52PM -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

 > 1. Next proposed FUDCon: January 11-13, 2008, at Red Hat HQ in Raleigh. 
 > Yeah, not that exciting, but we have the space, we have the time to make 
 > it happen, it's at a reasonably good time in the Fedora cycle, and Max and 
 > I know all the best bars.

It's been a few years since I've been to Raleigh, so my memory isn't
so fresh, but how close are hotels etc to the office ?

 > 2. Next proposed FUDCon after that: June 18-21, 2008, in Boston, at the 
 > Hynes Convention Center. Associated with the Red Hat Summit, but without 
 > the hefty fees. :) Attendance free to all community folks. At a *really* 
 > good time in the release cycle.

Just to clarify, this means Fedora people get free entrance to fudcon,
not free entry to rhsummit right ?

(as cool as that would be, I suspect the people organising the
 summit might feel a little uneasy with a few hundred "oh yeah, I hack on Fedora"
 people trying to blag their way in :-)

 > 3. In future, there will be more Red Hat Summits, all over the world. And 
 > the rule of thumb will be: where there is a Summit, there is a FUDCon, 
 > attendance free for community folls. If it's not a perfect time in the 
 > release cycle, that's ok; it's still a great excuse to get smart Fedora 
 > folks together, buy them some drinks, and Get Something Done.

My only issue with coupling it with the rh summit is that due to budget constraints,
not every engineer gets to go to the rh summit.  By association, this now
means "you don't get to go to fudcon either".



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