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Re: FUDCon Proposal

On 24.10.2007 19:10, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> Take a look:
> http://gregdek.livejournal.com/
> The text:
> ===
> Max and I just spent a half-hour with the lovely and talented Leigh Day. 
> She is the guru of Red Hat PR. She is also the person in charge of the Red 
> Hat Summit. The topic of our discussion: the future of FUDCon. [...]

Looks good in general -- just one thing I tend to think is not that ideal:

> 1. Next proposed FUDCon: January 11-13, 2008, at Red Hat HQ in Raleigh. 
> Yeah, not that exciting, but we have the space, we have the time to make 
> it happen, it's at a reasonably good time in the Fedora cycle, and Max and 
> I know all the best bars.
> 2. Next proposed FUDCon after that: June 18-21, 2008, in Boston, at the 
> Hynes Convention Center. Associated with the Red Hat Summit, but without 
> the hefty fees. :) Attendance free to all community folks. At a *really* 
> good time in the release cycle.
> [...] 
> 4. In future, there will always be a FUDCon in December (about 6 weeks 
> after the annual Halloween release) and June (about 6 weeks after the 
> annual May Day release).

I'd prefer something like two weeks after the planned release dates --
then the release should be out, we hopefully have some fresh energy and
ideas again for planing the next release, which IMHO would be way easier
done on a FUDCon than via Mail and IRC.

Yes, two week after a scheduled release bears the risk that we run into
problems if we slip. Another good reason to not slip. ;-)

Not sure how it's in the US, but in Germany a lot of people are really
busy with preparing everything at home and at work for the winter
holidays/Christmas. They also spend lots of their money for presents.
IOW: I doubt that December is a good time for a conference.

Considering the winter holidays it means that there are abut 8 -- 11
work weeks (beginning either from the FUDCon date in December or early
January) until the Feature Freeze which afaics is planned about 8 - 9
weeks before the release, e.g. beginning or March. Not much time to
realize great features that were discussed on a FUDCon.


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