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Re: Spins proposals

Paul W. Frields wrote:
Jeff Spaleta has been kind enough to post his spin proposals on the wiki
for easier reading and comment.  The main proposal is at:

There are supplemental addenda at:

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JefSpaleta/SpinReleaseProcessAmendments https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JefSpaleta/CommunityHostedSpins

I am a bit tired of the spins discussion at this point but there are a few odd things and some clarifications I need.

* IMO, it would be better to do a public proposal to fedora-devel list and then take it to spins SIG so we get more public feedback on new spin proposals.

* Release selection process doesn't say whether or not a older spin for the older release or the current release will be retained when there is a updated one available.

* Rel-eng is tasked with creating the final spin which I thought they weren't interested in.

* Fedora QA is tasked with testing all the release spins. Nominally being part of that team, I don't think QA has the resources (ie) enough people involved considering that we have a six month release cycle and lots of bugs to deal with

* Why is there a need to re-propose every spin each release? Spins rotation talks about throwing away established spins in favor of new spins unless rel-eng decides it is a permanent spin. If spins are long live, doesnt that by itself mean it more of a permanent spin with enough users around it and we shouldn't throw it away? If spins neeed to be marked as permanent ones, shouldn't that be a decision of the spin SIG instead of rel-eng?


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