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Re: Fedora TV, the video quandary, and a request for advice (fwd)

On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 1:03 PM, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:

a. archive.org.  Solves almost all of these criteria, and we have a strong affinity with their mission of building a digital commons -- but their infrastructure has been *very* flaky lately, and is turning into a bit of a dumping ground.  Their RSS feeds and search both seem to be pretty broken on a pretty regular basis.

I agree.. If archive.org worked....it would be great. I've had trouble using it. But perhaps there is a conversation here that needs to be had with them concerning why its busted. Can we help 'fix' it?
c. Roll our own.  This will take clueful engineers, but there are a lot of options.  Vaniv, the Wordpress fork that spun out of Lulu.tv, is one. Plumi, a plug-in for Plone, is another.  Mv_Embed, a plug-in for MediaWiki, is a third. I'm sure there are others.  The big downside here is that Fedora Infrastructure already has plenty of stuff to keep track of, and managing a video content site is a pretty big chunk of work.
Can mediawiki scale for this?

d. Miro.  Maybe this is the way to go.  It's packaged in Fedora, so maybe it's worth having a handful of people set up a Miro channel and seed the content. We could use some server space in fp.o as seed space, I would think.  I have yet to play with Miro personally, though.

We should absolutely be leveraging Miro as a client interface. AB-SO-FRELLING-LUTELY
There are other applications in the space as well...for example little old gpodder that could use a default fedora feed. I'm pretty sure that the maintainer of the gpodder package would look at including a default channel definition for fedora videos :->

But the question is how do we go about populating a channel for miro and friends? Its just an rss feed right?   And are there any submarine trademarking issues here that would prevent us from including our own Fedora channel in the miro defaults as we ship it?


The simplest thing is to tell Fedora video contributors to contribute to archive.org, set up an RSS filter to pull Fedora-themed videos from the oft-broken archive.org RSS feed, and let the chips fall where they may -- but I don't know if that's the *best* answer.

Do we have any other  options on the table for self hosting our own video RSS aimed at populating a miro channel?  Can we for example run a project out of fedorahosted that has enough space for to manage a theora video rss feed for miro?  We could easily slap a Video SIG together, layout the ground rules for submitting content, select a few managing editors to control the RSS feed, and get the ball rolling.  But lets face it video requires relatively bloated hosting space... worse than OO.org's codebase.  Without a hosting commitment we aren't gonna get very far...even with low quality theora vids of my cat.
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