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Re: Elected/Appointed Board

On 04/21/2008 05:48 AM, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
I trust Red Hat based on their previous actions, and I trust the
members of the board as a result of the work that I've done with you
and all that I've read. Should these matters be left entirely to
trust, however?

You cannot force anyone, elected or appointed, to act in a specific fashion. When you elect or appoint someone, you are trusting them to act in a manner you approve of. There is no way too 100% guarantee this will happen. If you move members from appointed to elected, you're simply moving who is investing trust from Red Hat to the small percentage of the community that actually votes.

While I am indifferent as to who has 5 vs 4 since I don't think the spirit is harmed in either way if RHT can and will appoint non-RHT employees and the community can and will appoint RHT employees, I think the bigger issue to address is the voter turnout, or lack thereof. Having 10 or so Red Hat people decide things isn't that much worse than having only 10 or so community members decide things.[*]

[*] Okay it's not _that_ bad but IIRC we only had about 100 voters last election. That's a worse turnout than the U.S. presidential elections.

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