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Business card design

Ian designed some beautiful business cards for Fedora, and I think it's
time to pick an official design.  I feel comfortable doing that if Ian
and the Artwork team have selected one or two designs we can use.  If
the Board wants to vote, I'm open to that, but it seems like overkill to
me, not to mention which, I gave Ian a bit of feedback during the
process, and would hate to see him have to double back unless people are
vehement about the design.

One requirement that was brought up was the ability to verify that
someone's part of the Fedora community.  This could be done through the
cardholder's FAS username, which I think is part of the design already
in the form of an email address (user fp o).  We might want a simple
link on the FAS interface that non-authenticated users can use to verify
that someone's with Fedora.  That verification needs to follow the
privacy policy as well, exposing only the detail that's required.  I
don't believe this feature is a security risk because people already use
user fp o email addresses that expose their user names publicly.  If
people agree, I can file an Infrastructure ticket for this, since it
should be relatively easy and straightforward.


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