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Re: Fedora Remix - Clarification

Chris Tyler wrote:


If you want to call it "Fedora", then make it official.

Oh, believe me. I tried.  I got one of the dozen spins hosted at
http://spins.fedoraproject.org and then it was stopped because of lack
of space or it was considered too much effort for composing all the different variants or some much. I didn't have the time or energy to go through the process again for Fedora 10. Now there are folks who are looking to create local language spins, I think waiting for Fedora 11 (since I can't do it out of band, officially) and going through the same ordeal is too much overhead especially since it is going to be bittorrent only and that means no download for quite a few people who only have bandwidth at the office and corporate policy says no bittorrent.

The only reason was for lack of space or bandwidth to host them. Now that I have some of that, it is just much easier to bypass the official process and do it elsewhere. If I have to invent a dozen odd names to satisfy the trademark requirements, I will but it just seems much more saner to allow this within the Fedora remix guidelines. It makes my work easier and makes it easier to give credit to Fedora.


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