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Packaging collaboration between distributions


A while back I noticed http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Policies/Licensing relying on Fedora licensing guidelines. This makes perfect sense since we have comprehensive guidelines and listing of licenses but this isn't a very active form of collaboration. Packaging between between distributions differ unnecessarily on technical minutia that isn't a selling point of any sort and just wastes time. Taking just RPM based distributions, we have Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSUSE etc building a packaging community on its own, they have differences in atleast the following things:

 * Package names and granularity
 * Location of files
 * Unique Configuration files
 * Vendor macros

Trying to reuse spec files from other distributions tends to be a pain because of this in many cases. Since the new rpm.org has now successfully done a few releases consolidating patches from different distributions, would it be possible to collaborate more on and consolidate macros etc so that it makes it easy for distributions to alteast share and reuse spec files as much as possible. Note that binary compatibility is specifically not a goal here.

Obviously there are going to be differences in between distributions but there should be a lot of common guidelines we can place in somewhere like http://rpm.org/wiki/Packaging/Guidelines and just point out the differences where applicable. We could setup a neutral distribution-collaboration list and invite distributions to see what can be done.Does that sound feasible? I would be very interested in helping out.


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